Eccentry Holidays Is in the Forefront as a Leader in Today’s Travel Industry

Sep 7, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays is a leader in the travel industry, because this vacation club gives members unbelievable deals with the highest level of customer service.  These amazing travel deals give individuals the opportunities to have vacations that they really want at prices that they can afford.

Travel clubs are different from traditional timeshare memberships because individuals can actually choose among various locations instead of owning weeks at only one resort.  Being in the forefront in the travel industry is not always easy, as you may well know.  What makes you the leader is when you give quality customer service to your members and its consistent.  Travel clubs make it possible for travelers to experience locations all over the world at the most affordable rates.  These amazing deals are just one of the many reasons why travelers choose Eccentry Holidays above other competitors.

Eccentry Holidays is not only focused on providing the most affordable travel deals for members, they also want to make these experiences the best possible with the highest degree of customer satisfaction.  Eccentry Holidays wants every member to have the best vacation experience because vacations are the one time of year that individuals have to relax and get away from their normal everyday lives.

It is this dedication to member satisfaction that sets Eccentry Holidays as a leader in the industry above the rest and ensures members one of a kind vacation experiences. Eccentry Holidays also shares traveling tips, reviews and scams but more importantly it shares information for both local and overseas travel and finds affordable choices for your best travel experience.  Those interested in getting the most out of their travel experiences should contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays Reveals Best Road Trip States for Fall 2014

Aug 21, 2014 by

Many travelers are in the midst of planning their end of summer vacations. But many out there are wondering which destinations are the best ones to spend time at, especially on a road trip. As a leading luxury travel provider, Eccentry Holidays often is asked for advice regarding travel destinations, and strives to provide recommendations through our customer service efforts that many will enjoy. Here are our top road trip picks for summer 2014.

1. Nebraska: The Cornhusker state might not be the first travel destination that pops into the minds of those planning a vacation, but this is a great pick for warm yet not-too-hot weather, with summer temperatures averaging 78 degrees through July and August. This state is also home to plenty of roadside attractions, including some formerly included on the famous Oregon Trail.

2. New Mexico: Both blessed with good weather and affordable accommodations, New Mexico offers beautiful landscape in a variety of different forms. Eccentry Holidays shares that a visit to the gorgeous Sandia Mountains, along with famous Roswell are must-see stops.

3. Arizona: Perhaps the perfect state for anyone who loves to camp, this state offers some of the lowest prices in the country. Some areas of the state is also in close proximity to the Utah border, so you can get more bang for your buck. The drive from the border shares views of Monument Valley, south through Navajo country, down through the painted desert all the way to the grand canyon simply can’t be beat.

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Eccentry Holidays Explores Lisbon for Summer Fun

Jul 31, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays, a leading provider of luxury travel services, knows that when it comes to planning an exciting vacation, Europe is often a destination that comes to the mind of travelers. But since this location can sometimes be costly, many who are planning a trip simply hope about going instead of realizing there are some parts of the country that are actually more affordable than they are aware. The truth is, every traveler doesn’t need a ton of money to spend time in the easily accessible and absolutely stunning Portuguese capital.  Here are some of the best things to do while spending time in Lisbon.

  • Alfama: This colorful neighborhood is truly picturesque, and offers cobblestoned streets lined with quaint lemon trees. At the top of Alfama’s hill, travelers can visit the famous Castelo de Sao Jorge (St. George’s Castle) which has guarded the city since the second century.  Be sure to also check out the neat archaeology museum while nearby. For another grand sightseeing experience, stop by Se Cathedral, a twin-towered Romanesque church that has been around since 1150. Admission is free, but visitors do need a ticker to tour the Cloisters, which are some gorgeous outdoor gardens and tombs.
  • Baiza & Chiado: Lisbon’s central commercial zones are home to many shopping plazas, grand promenades, big-name shops and locally owned boutiques, creating a great variety of for all those shoppers dying to find the perfect souvenirs for friends and family back home. Be sure to stop by Gelados Santini for a cone before heading back to the hotel.

Eccentry Holidays shares this spot is only 6 hours from the east coast, making it very easy to travel to this summer. For more information about how to plan your dream vacation, visit

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Tips for Traveling in Mexico

Jul 15, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays believes that travelers should have the perfect vacations every single time by visiting beautiful and exciting locations throughout the world. One place to guarantee this is Mexico. With a chain of airlines that connect around the world, it is convenient for anybody who wants to go to Mexico on vacation. These destination stops are experienced with handling large numbers of travelers who arrive on a daily basis to see what Mexico is all about.

Traveling by car is another option thanks to a developed network of roads and highways to connect with countries such as the United States and areas of South America. However, Eccentry Holidays wants travelers to know that special permits, car insurance, and foreign plates are required when driving a private vehicle. South of San Diego, there are trains that run to the California-Baja California border. On the other hand, there is no train service across the US-Mexico border as a result of factors involving immigration and customs.

In Mexico, the intercity bus system is recognized as being one of the most efficient for traveling. Many are linked to villages in the country. A variety of bus operations and a computerized system for booking makes it a convenient method of travel. Major bus operations include El Expresso, Omnibus Mexicanos, and Greyhound Lines.

All of these forms of travel are effective ways to navigate through Mexico for a great opportunity to enjoy the country.

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Eccentry Holidays Offers Tips For Items To Bring On The Beach

Jun 23, 2014 by

Relaxing on the beach during vacation should be a wonderful event for all. Eccentry Holidays wants travelers to ensure this by bringing along key items to not only enhance the experience, but also remain comfortable and safe. This applies to any beach.

Packing enough water is essential for staying hydrated. This is especially important in warm climates that will make travelers dehydrate faster. The general thought to keep in mind is if a person feels thirst, it is important to drink water immediately to avoid any problems in the immediate future. Bringing along water is also important since not every single beach has convenient access to water that is safe to drink. This can all be solved by packing plenty of water at the beach to ensure a great time.

Eccentry Holidays recognizes that too much sun exposure can make for an unpleasant experience and cause health issues. Sunburn can put a damper on a vacation. This is why using sunscreen is important to protect the skin and reapply when needed. At the same time, vacationers can avoid the health hazards associated with high exposure to UV rays. Doing this will help ensure a better time on vacation and help people stay healthier for the future.

These simple steps can make any beach vacation the perfect time to relax and be safe all at the same time.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Suggestions When At An Airport

May 30, 2014 by

The stress that often comes from being at an airport prior to starting a vacation is well recognized by Eccentry Holidays. This can often be exasperated by last minute packing the night before that can result in a lack of sleep. Perhaps a cab or shuttle came later than expected and a traveler is rushing to get through to the appropriate gate. Airport security can make it difficult to get through the area with ease. These are some of the common elements faced by all travelers who fly. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate much of this stress and get started on enjoying a wonderful vacation.

Again, there are many actions that can be taken to make it easier and less stressful during airline travel that are recommended by Eccentry Holidays. Arriving early to the airport, at least two hours prior to a scheduled departure, should give a traveler more than enough time to go through the process of checking in, going through security checkpoints, and being ready at the gate. This alone will make a significant difference when at an airport.

Along those lines, being aware of a current flight status is important. Travelers can find this information online before leaving home. Doing so can help a traveler know if it is necessary to arrive earlier or later at the airport. Another useful step is to print boarding passes at home to avoid having to do so while at the terminal.

By taking preemptive measures and being aware of updated information, travelers at airports will find that many of the possible stress factors will be all but eliminated.

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Eccentry Holidays Guides You on Air Travel Carry-On Bags Limitations

Apr 9, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays members help you plan you vacation hassle free by offering you tips on Air Carrier Carry-On Limitations and Air Line Restrictions. People who are traveling for the first time are confused about what to carry and what not during their air travel and this is all due to the complicated air travel restrictions. Some travelers may be aware of the airline restrictions while others need to know the proper rules and regulations for their air travel. There first consideration should be about the size of your carry-on baggage so that you can follow the proper airline restrictions. The measurement of the size of luggage that travelers can carry is determined by the appropriate authorities and airport security.
Eccentry Holidays advices the air travelers to carry only one bag as the airlines only permit a single carry-on baggage according to their recommended size .The carry-on luggage should be the exact size so that it can fit in the overhead bin. It is summed up in inches and it is important that we make sure that it fits in comfortably according to the specified measurements issued by the airline authorities to ascertain its size. The rules and regulations for international travelers are quite different from the domestic travelers and so while traveling you should try to stay within your limited restrictions accordingly.
Eccentry Holidays advises travelers that they should check with their travel agent and airlines that they plan to travel with as this way they will know the exact restriction policies to follow. Carrying sharp objects like knives and cutters in the carry-on on baggage’s are strictly prohibited. Travelers can carry these objects in their checked in baggages provided that are properly sheathed to prevent damage and injury to the airport officials who handle the baggage.
Eccentry Holidays members say that traveling by air can be a very exciting experience but if the rules and restrictions are not followed properly your travel experience can turn out quite sour. So be careful and try to make the most of your travel experience and follow the Air travel regulations.

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Eccentry Holidays Highlight The Splendors Of Arizona’s Colorful Desert

Mar 5, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays offer you bold and beautiful Arizona with it endless outdoor adventures, historical landmarks, vibrant culture and amazing art scene. These are just a few things that you can enjoy an experience in Arizona. Its iconic desert landscape, offers thrilling opportunities of adventure and outdoor excursions.

Eccentry Holidays advise tourists to immerse in the native culture, museums and monuments of Arizona to get the real feel of its vibrating city. The art loving tourists will enjoy the awe-inspiring architectural designs and museums that uncover the rich historical artifacts, by visiting its ancient sites and historic towns. For family friendly fun, there are many opportunities to enjoy water recreational fun like swimming, boating and rafting as these are exciting activities, that the lively crowds would love to enjoy, and Lake Powel is the best place to enjoy it all. For an enriching experience tourist should never miss out a view of Arizona’s splendid desert, which derives its name from the multitude of colors ranging from lavender to shades of gray and vibrant red, orange and pink. It is the most picturesque landscape created with a rainbow of colors.

Eccentry Holidays know that it is the stunning natural beauty of Arizonan and its artistic culture that really keeps the tourists pouring in. The shopaholics really love the indoor and outdoor shopping malls of Arizona as they have gifts and souvenirs to suit all tastes. There are plenty of chic and sleek upscale retail shops and old-fashioned bargained outlets from where you can shop but it sure depends on how much you have in spare to enjoy it all.

Eccentry Holidays also advise tourists that to make the most of their holiday experiences they need to plan and design all their travel arrangements in such a way that they get to travel, stay and enjoy recreational facilities tension free. Moreover, all these can only be enjoyed if you make all your travel arrangements prior to your travel so that after a tiring sightseeing and adventurous excursion you sure know that you have comfortable lodgings to relax and re-energize in.

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Eccentry Holidays Suggests Taking Advantage of Off Season Deals

Feb 10, 2014 by

Eccentry Holidays knows that hotel rates vary with season and their customer base. Being aware of this might help you to find better rates. For example, leisure hotels are busiest on the weekends and during school holidays. If you choose to travel during the off-season leisure hotels will often have lower rates and sometime special deals they have created to up business during the slow season.

If you are planning just a quick weekend getaway, look into getting a room at a hotel that usually caters to business travelers. Peak times for business hotels are midweek. So a better deal for a weekend stay might be found at this type of hotel. Eccentry Holidays understands that while the amities and services might not be as grand as a leisure hotel, they are still high quality and will have more than what you will need for a quick weekend trip.

Off-season travel will not only have cheaper hotel rates but attractions and points of interest will not be nearly as crowded. Eccentry Holidays knows that if you are looking for lower hotel rates try planning your trip away from peak days and times of year. Doing this might save you some money so you have more to spend on activities and other aspects of your trip.

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Eccentry Holidays Members Visit Al Arco, The Distinctive Landmark of Cabo San Lucas

Nov 8, 2013 by

Eccentry Holidays members say that Cabo San Lucas, attracts a wide range of tourists. Right from the lively youngsters looking for a place to party in all night to the sun-worshippers who want to work on their tans and bask in its beautiful sandy beaches to the nature loving tourists who are attracted to its underwater natural reserve and whale watching adventures, they all can have a good summer vacation right there. Whatever Los Cabos attractions you are after you certainly will get to enjoy them all. Moreover, if your idea of enjoying a sightseeing tour in Cabo San Lucas is gazing at miles of bronze bodies on the beach then a spring break vacation in Cabo San Lucas is just for you.

Eccentry Holidays say that for the energetic and bubbling tourist, Cabo San Lucas attractions include a variety of water sports and sport fishing, as they are its prime attractions. Surfing, scuba diving and windsurfing are the varied water sports available for the ones who are ready to cast their lines.

Eccentry Holidays also guide tourists to the corner of Al Arco near Lover’s Beach at Land’s End, another most memorable attraction of Cabo San Lucas, accessible by boat, while the Lovers Beach covered with towering pale gray rocks and a smooth beachside right at the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. Swimming is quiet dangerous on the Pacific side and the tourist should swim and snorkel only in the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez where the waters are calmer. The main attractions of Cabo are it unique marine life from the month of January to February its waters are filled with the California Gray Whales. These giant whales are on their way migrating from Alaska to the rich nutrient filled lagoons of the Sea of Cortez to feed and calve.

Eccentry Holidays members also find the Bird Sanctuary and the San Jose Estuary a bird watchers heaven as you get to see more than 100 species of birds from all over the world.

Eccentry Holidays has years of combined expertise in the travel industry and has the knowledge and resources to make the best out of your holiday, satisfying the most demanding travelers.

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