Eccentry Holidays Presents Some Simple Travel Tips

May 7, 2015 by

Eccentry Holidays Presents Some Simple Travel Tips

Eccentry Holidays Offer some tips for your incoming trips

Eccentry Holidays understands that many people go out on vacation and do not end up packing enough supplies or snacks for one of two reasons.  The first reason is because of travel restrictions if you are flying or just plain running out. In order to remedy this situation you should locate and find convenience stores or local department stores wherever you are traveling to for your vacation. This will help keep you fully stocked up on your necessities such as toothpaste, hairbrushes and any snacks.

The internet again is a life saver in this regard as you can go online and type in the information about the cities or locations you are traveling to and see which ones are nearby your accommodations. What, you say you don’t have the internet at home or a working computer? Then you can go to a friend’s house if they have it or your local library and use their computer for free.

Eccentry Holidays knows that it is much cheaper than having to go out to eat every night when you have a small snack craving. This also will make your snacking healthier and it will guarantee that your family will have the foods that they like when they are hungry for something smaller to eat. You can pick up the healthier foods at a local grocer there such as fruits and veggies if you prefer. You will be amazed at how much you save when you do this little change in your traveling habits. Eccentry Holidays states that the money saved then can be used to complete the fun activities of traveling and sightseeing.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Best Destinations for a Scenic Fall Hike

Apr 15, 2015 by

Couple of hikers on top of the mountain facing the sun

Eccentry Holidays provides advice about some of the best places to visit for travelers who love to hike.

Eccentry Holidays, a leading luxury vacation provider, knows that for any traveler, one of the best aspects of a vacation is the fun activities that family and friends get to participate in together. Another great aspect for many on vacation is getting the opportunity to interact with nature. As the sweltering summer comes to a close, many are wondering what some of the best areas to visit are to experience the gorgeous season changes. Taking a hike is one of the best ways to incorporate all these aspects into any vacation. Here are some of the best places to visit this fall for scenic hikes.

1. Colorado:  Many travelers out there hope for the chance to see some of the colorful changes of the leaves during the fall season. Eccentry Holidays knows that Denver is one area that has a lot of beautiful trees that travelers can enjoy.  Elk Falls Overlook, located at Staunton State Park, is an area that is truly an amazing sight to see during this time of year. This hike offers both great views and a beautiful waterfall. Also, Devil’s Head Firetower Hike takes travelers up Rampart Range that is dotted with huge Aspens right from the beginning of the trail.

2. Washington: Eccentry Holidays knows that this state’s diversity of flora and fauna found in the mountains makes for one of the most spectacular fall color displays around.  From the dark red colors of the vine maples found on the western slopes, to the fiery orange color of the huckleberry shrubs, all the way to the cheerful golden colors of the alpine larches on the eastern slope, the hillsides seem to light up during the autumn. North Cascades (Maple Pass Loop, near Lake Ann) offers some of the best views, so make sure to bring a camera.

3. North Carolina: Last but not least, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the top places in the United States for seeing the fall foliage. The diversity of trees, along with a broad elevation range, creates a beautiful scene that hikers flock to from all over to enjoy.  Eccentry Holidays advises visiting during early or mid-October, when the color reaches the peaks of nearly 4,500 feet in the Smokies.

Planning a fall vacation to any of these destinations will offer travelers plenty of scenic sights and adventure. For more information or to start planning a vacation today, please visit


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Eccentry Holidays Shares Essential 2015 Travel Safety Tips

Apr 6, 2015 by

Travel Secrets from Eccentry Holidays for 2015

Eccentry Holidays is a leading provider of world-class vacation accommodations, and is offering several safety tips to ensure that travelers have a quality vacation experience.

Staying safe is vital to a successful trip. There are many things to consider when traveling, one thing Eccentry Holidays knows gets forgotten about sometimes is safety measures. Always having its members’ best interests in mind, Eccentry Holidays has developed a list of their top safety tips.

Be Aware Of Surroundings

It’s easy to get disoriented and sometimes even lost when in an unfamiliar place. Eccentry Holidays recommends taking a detailed map and using a camera to document where important places are such as the hotel, restaurants, landmarks and even public safety buildings. Having a visual guide can be helpful when needing to identify destinations. Trying to figure out directions when lost can also make vacationers easy targets, as they are not always alert to people around them.

Pack Emergency Supplies

No one plans on being stranded, whether it’s when going for a sightseeing drive, a hike in the wilderness or just having a flight delay. Eccentry Holidays encourages travelers to pack water, protein bars, warm clothes and a basic first aid kit. Being prepared for unforeseen circumstances can stop a bad situation from becoming worse.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted vacationers tend to be easy targets for thieves and scam artists. Eccentry Holidays advises travelers to be mindful when using cell phones and walking, or searching for items and purses and bags, particularly in areas that are mostly deserted or when it’s getting dark outside. Criminals are less likely to strike when their targets are alert. Many scam artists use distraction as an opportunity to tag team victims as well, one will be the distraction while the other will pick pocket, or grab purses and bags.

In Case Of Emergency

ICE, or In Case of Emergency, contact numbers should be in everyone’s phones and wallets regardless of whether or not they are vacationing or just out and about their home town. Law enforcement and emergency responders are trained to look for those three letters. Eccentry Holidays, hopes that no one ever needs to make use of emergency contacts, but accidents do happen. Listing medications and medical issues in the same place is also recommended.

Being safe while traveling is Eccentry Holidays wish for its members and all travelers.


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Eccentry Holidays Reveals Top Spring Break 2015 Destinations

Mar 17, 2015 by

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada signboard at night with fireworks

Eccentry Holidays is excited to help vacation-planners chart out the best locations for college-aged travelers to head to during their Spring Break.

Every year, millions of college students head out on their Spring Break vacation, eager to enjoy some time away from work and school. Eccentry Holidays wants to point these travelers in the right direction by directing them to some of the most exciting Spring Break destinations around the world. From Florida, to Las Vegas, to Cancun, there is a perfect destination out there for everyone.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Eccentry Holidays knows one of the most common Spring Break vacation destinations is the Sunshine State: Florida. With the coastline never more than a few hours away from any point in the state, it is no surprise why so many Spring Breakers head down to Florida to enjoy their reprieve from school. Miami and Panama City Beach are two of the most popular Spring Break locations in the world. Massive beach events sponsored by brands like MTV, Playboy, and more, dot the locations and provide travelers exciting opportunities every day.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Eccentry Holidays points out that Las Vegas is a great Spring Break destination for students looking to avoid the beaches, but still have an exciting and unforgettable vacation experience. With plenty of activities both in and around Vegas and of course, the possibility of hitting the jackpot in one of the over one hundred casinos around town, there is a reason why Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World.

Cancun, Mexico

Outside of The United States, Eccentry Holidays suggests that Spring Break travelers visit Cancun, Mexico, for an unforgettable time in the tropics. The location is known throughout the world as one of the most popular for students on Spring Break. There are many reasons why students prefer visiting Mexico: the dollar’s strength against the peso, many resorts offer bargain discounts for traveling students grouped together, and much more. Students traveling on a budget appreciate the fact that they know they’re getting a good deal before they even head out the door.

With these top Spring Break destinations in mind, Eccentry Holidays knows that students will be able to find a location that is perfect for them this Spring Break.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Top Spring Vacation Destinations

Mar 13, 2015 by


Bird’s eye view of a Caribbean beach on a warm day

Eccentry Holidays invites travelers to enjoy an affordable yet exciting vacation for the spring season at any of these destinations.

Eccentry Holidays is a leader in the vacation industry and prides itself on offering travelers a true dream experience during their trips. Every traveler deserves to have the experience of a lifetime on their vacation without having to spend all of their hard-earned money or savings. That’s why the customer service team at Eccentry Holidays has decided to provide some expert insight on some of the most affordable destinations for all those planning a trip during the spring season that will also provide some serious savings.

Eccentry Holidays know that many travelers hope to incorporate something luxurious into their vacation agenda, but often feel that these types of things might be too far out of their price range. This is especially true when it comes to things like international travel or cruises. But the good news is that the Dominican Republic is actually quite affordable during this travel season, especially when all those doing the vacation planning consider that these trips are often all-inclusive. Enjoy the Caribbean in style with a choice between cities like Punta Cana or Las Terrenas, each very reasonably priced.

For those hoping to soak up some southern culture, rising prices during the month of February in New Orleans are due to all the travelers hoping to party with the Mardi Gras crowd. But travelers with families who hope to tour around the Big Easy will find this is a city known for some amazing ghost stories, local culture and tons of history to learn more about. Those who visit will want to head here during the spring time, which when prices are lower than ever but weather is warm and sunny. Experience the charming atmosphere at Jackson Square, where travelers will enjoy seeing local performers sing, dance or even seek out their future in a tarot reading, and be sure to stop by Café Du Monde for the tasty famous beignets.

Eccentry Holidays shares that these affordable vacation destinations offer an amazing experience often for a much lower price that some of the other popular tourist destinations that seem to hike up the price during the popular travel season. These places provide a lot of fun without breaking the bank, something important for those hoping to be budget conscious during this time of year.

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Eccentry Holidays Aims for Yet Another Top Member’s Choice Award

Feb 23, 2015 by

Man wishing Eccentry Holidays with a thumbs up

Eccentry Holidays, a leading vacation provider clears its shelf for another Top Member’s Choice Award

Eccentry Holidays continuously strives to offer its members the best travel services and most luxurious accommodations around the world. This leading vacation club offers its members the deepest savings on incredible getaways wherever members desire to travel. Its members agree that this company offers unparalleled service and have handed this luxury vacation provider the prestigious Top Member’s Choice award.

Eccentry Holidays won the Top Member’s Choice Award this month for outstanding customer service. This award is bestowed on vacation providers that offer everything from the best customer service to the best travel deals. From the best travel destination choices to the best prices in vacation travel, Eccentry Holidays is again a winner. Vacation packages include the most elite locations at the lowest possible price. Whether traveling in summer or winter, members enjoy the best deals at the best price and amazing customer service to go with it.

Members of Eccentry Holidays noted the fantastic customer service as one reason for the high marks that this luxury vacation provider received. They were especially pleased with the help they hadwith the planning of their vacations. Customer service was able to providethe most helpful vacation planning guides available. This is a full service customer service department that has one goal: to provide the best vacation travel possible for its members.

Eccentry Holidays is an outstanding vacation club that truly has the best interests of its members in mind. Its exceptional team of travel agents will take the time to put together the best vacation package possible for each individual member. Members save on resort stays, other travel accommodations and more. Travelers can expect the best when dealing with this luxury vacation provider.Everyone loves to travel but planning a vacation can be stressful. Eccentry Holidays wants to make sure that each getaway is the best vacation ever.

Year in and year out, Eccentry Holidays strives to improve and implement innovative programs that keep members happy and coming back year after year to enjoy the unbeatable benefits and exceptional customer service that this company provides. For information on how to become a member of this award winning vacation club, contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays’ Glowing Member Reviews Highlight a Strong 2014

Feb 12, 2015 by

Eccentry Holidays Gets a Good Review

Eccentry Holidays Gets a Good Review

Eccentry Holidays is proud to announce that member reviews throughout 2014 were extremely strong and shared traveler’s satisfaction with this premier vacation provider.

Eccentry Holidays reviews were nothing short of spectacular in 2014. Members have praised this luxury vacation provider for outstanding levels of customer service, world-class accommodations, and vacation experiences that are both relaxing and exciting.

Eccentry Holidays reviews have been both glowing and numerous. This luxury vacation club has looked at every review in great detail. It is pleased to announce that Eccentry Holidays reviews are becoming even more positive. It is no secret that the company has made enormous strides in the sort of luxury vacation experiences that it provides. Caribbean vacations, a specialty of this vacation provider, are receiving reviews that are extremely positive. Members are praising the luxuriousness of everything from kitchen counter tops to world-class restaurants at the resorts they visited. Eccentry Holidays has always made a point of considering the needs of all of its travelers. These travelers come from all over the world and choose to become members because they know that their travel dreams will become a reality.

This luxury vacation provider has noticed that reviews made a point to highlight the customer service sector of the company. The ease of booking last minute vacations was highly regarded. A member is able to leave a frigid United States winter and book a getaway to fly to the heavenly warmth of the Caribbean in minutes. Above all, Eccentry Holidays reviews were glowing with member satisfaction about the memories created during adventurous family vacations. It brings this vacation provider great joy to help its members create these everlasting memories.

Eccentry Holidays reviews were deeply appreciated in 2014. At the beginning of February 2015, this vacation provider projects even greater growth in the high level of member satisfaction it already receives. It is an exciting time for growth at Eccentry Holidays, and the company is looking forward to an exceptional year of travel. For more information about this luxury vacation provider and the wide range of vacation packages that it offers, contact Eccentry today.

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Eccentry Holidays Members Enjoy Toronto’s World-Famous Science Museum

Jan 1, 2015 by

Visiting Toronto Science Museum with Eccentry Holidays

Visiting Toronto Science Museum with Eccentry Holidays Sunny Isles

Eccentry Holidays gives you all the insight into must-see landmarks, attractions, neighborhoods and tours of Toronto. Plenty of tourist attractions are positioned throughout the city of Toronto for visitors from all over the world to enjoy. Sports fans enjoy the wide selection of sports-related attractions to choose from. Depending on time that you plan on coming to this incredible city, you can catch Maple Leafs hockey or Blue Jays baseball game.

Eccentry Holiday members know that tourists can explore and discover all the things to do in Toronto, as there is abundance of stunning architecture, great museums, galleries and luxurious stores, and everything in between. Eccentry Holidays says that kids who love to spend a little time with the animals residing in their natural habitat can visit the Toronto Zoo and enjoy the natural environment that they live in. Toronto’s Zoo are located at Highway 401 and is home to about 5,000 different animals including giraffes, lions and polar bears.

Eccentry Holidays recommends for the roving tourist to visit its lively Chinatown area, the best place to experience different traditional cuisines and shopping discounts. The good thing about the Internet is that you can even enjoy a virtual tour of Toronto before you start off on your holiday, listing all the best attractions and things to do.

Eccentry Holidays can design your travel plans in and around Toronto from cosmopolitan chic to country charm as Toronto neighborhoods’ are an eclectic mix of architecture, food and shopping experiences. Its vast expanses curtails diversity and creates a worldly experience for excited tourists. Visiting Toronto’s Science Museum is the most exciting experience for a family-friendly adventure as your whole family can enjoy hands-on experiences in its interactive museum that turn out a learning experience for all.

Eccentry Holidays is aware that Toronto is a vibrant city that never sleeps. In fact, there are places that are open all hours of the night to help satisfy a rumbling tummy when you are not yet ready to retire for the night.

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Eccentry Holidays Timeshare Members Delight in a Skiing Vacation Adventure in Chile

Dec 2, 2014 by

Skiing Vacation with Eccentry Holidays

Skiing Vacation with Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays  members say that you can make your vacation more enjoyable and challenging by choosing a special destination like Chile this winter. Chile offers you something a bit different from all other winter destinations. There are many areas where you can go skiing in Chile that are not near big cites and are closer to small towns. Moreover, part of the appeal in enjoying a skiing vacation is that you can experience the wild outdoors and enjoy a wonderful holiday.

Eccentry Holidays knows that Chile is an environmental friendly destination that is home to the most diverse jungles that make up the lowlands and the soaring heights of the Andes. These mountains are the best place to ski down its snowy slopes and enjoy snowy fun. Skiing is fun for all types of tourist from expert skiers to new beginners as there are many skiing tours that offer you tips to ski like a pro and guide you  to the best ski locations of the area.

Eccentry Holidays finds Chile loaded with a variety of winter activities and skiing destinations and allows you to experience something more than what other skiers enjoy. By connecting to good travel agents, you can also get your ski vacations tailored to suit your desires. Chile is a beautiful place to explore with all its natural beauty, exotic flavors and mouth-watering cuisines. Moreover, when you have all your travel plans organized and arranged you can enjoy the full color and rhythm of Chile.

Eccentry Holidays finds snow skiing in Chile to be an incredible adventure for the entire family and for the couples who have caught up the adventure bug. Booking in skiing resorts is quite easy through the fast processed internet. However, to enjoy it you sure need to make reservations in advance as during the peak skiing season all ski resorts get booked early and you will not be able to enjoy a ski vacation the way you desire if things are not pre planned.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares the Fun Stuff To Do in Vegas for Kids

Nov 19, 2014 by

A picture of M&M World Vegas, Nevada

Kid-friendly activities from Eccentry Holidays

Las Vegas is an ideal getaway for anyone looking for a luxurious night out. Eccentry Holidays finds that because of the atmosphere and the types of attractions Vegas has to offer, it can feel like bringing the whole family could be a bad idea.

However, there are plenty of activities that can keep the kids entertained, as well as the adults! Here are just a few kid-friendly activities from Eccentry Holidays that can entertain the kids in Vegas.

The Excalibur has the “Fun Dungeon,” which could keep younger and older kids entertained for hours. With its carnival style games that include prizes to win, as well as a large arcade for all the video games they can handle, this hotel offers several activities for the kids in the group. The fact that the building is shaped like a castle might even coax them to pop in for a visit!

Plenty of the shows that Vegas offers would be great for kids. Not all of them include crude humor and stuff that only adults would like. There are some magic-themed shows, some plays and musicals, and some acrobatic show that would leave the kids in awe. If a show is what you’re looking for, but you’re worried about whether or not the kids can go, just know that there are several kid-friendly options that parents will also love!

Vegas offers several different theme parks, such as the one at the top of the Stratosphere and Buffalo Bill’s thrill rides. If the kids in the group enjoy some high speed fun, taking them to locations like these would be ideal. With several different roller coasters and other rides to choose from, Eccentry Holidays is sure they’ll have fun no matter which one you take them to.

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